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SpaceX is about to do something huge

No one has accused SpaceX founder Elon Musk of thinking small, but these plans represent an important step forward for the mangeage.

SpaceX has done incredible things in its short industry including, but not limited to, goods delivery contracts with NASA points to Earth a colony on Mars, and successful tests to land a first stage of the rocket after its launch In a development that could revolutionize space travel. However, a new ambitious plan to create a network of satellites that provide high-speed Internet access for the world shows that it still has very great musk ideas.

The company expects to launch a bunch of satellites that would be in a range three times as far away as the International Space Station. The company has filed an application with the CEO describing a plan to orbit more than 4000 satellites or four times the number of active satellites around Earth at this time.

The goal of SpaceX would be to launch satellites in 2019 and gradually increase the number of launches until they are in space by 2024. SpaceX plans to do so through the reusable Falcon 9 rocket. If the move is successful, the only satellite Internet service would be profitable enough to fund a mission to Mars.

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