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Why I’m never signing up for Amazon Prime

Why I’m never signing up for Amazon Prime

Why I’m never signing up for Amazon Prime

This is the first day of 2017, which is the Amazonian annual summer bonus designed to attract some first subscription subscription response.

Thousands of prices are reduced, as if they were punished for their insolence and replaced by the more affordable marginal cost. Shipping is free, unrestricted, same day in many places.

This is the open season of buffet in consumer goods, and Amazon Prime this post hung before our greedy faces. I just do not take the bait, not now and probably not always.

This is not to denigrate those who subscribe to Amazon Prime, because I certainly recognize the wide range of benefits offered by convenience, effortlessly replenishing basic needs in a hurry to all the benefits of streaming movies and music That Amazon continues to develop.

This is a valuable service that returns more value than the annual cost of $ 99, I do not disagree at all. But the first one has many side effects as well, and these are the things I’d like to avoid.

This is both a personal and philosophical question, and I will try to separate the different parts of my constant anti-Semitism into the themes:

Transactions must be addressed first. Offers suck. Discount products are bad for me as a consumer as they push me to buy things that do not need to be frugal and charge the reduction of the inherent “backup” mass.

So I ended up with a collection of completely unused white suits that seemed too cheap to pass up. Discounts are also bad for the provider for the obvious reason that they reduce their income.

There is, of course, the ideal scenario where finding a supplier to free space reduces the prices of seasonal products is going to be replaced at the same time that I need something like this and a meter – a win for both parties.

But browsing through Amazon even without hyperactivity Bonus Day and you will see that the deals are the norm and not the exception. We expect discounts on everything.

Whenever possible, I think we should pay the full price for the things we want. If we want to see more of the headphones like BeoPlay H6, more bags like Backpack Design Pico and phones like the Galaxy S8, the strongest signal we can give suppliers is to buy the full price.

If not, maybe we just bought what was for sale, rather than what we expected in terms of product quality.

Regardless of whether the producer is a local craftsman or a global chaebol such as Samsung, the best way to exert some influence in the management and design of consumer goods is with their expenses. (This is an ideal that I admit I’m not always up to).

Always insisting on the subject of Amazon offers, I think they have a devastating effect on the local slots they offer. The locksmith my local main street has no chance to compete with Amazon price, derived from economies of scale, and if it were not for key repair and duplication service, it would probably be out of business.

During the last decade, I witnessed the closure of most of my nearby independent bookstores, either replaced by real estate agents, pizza chains or by retailer Waterstones book that does not have the charm of the old but at least a bit of The scale of the Amazon.

I do not want to be accused simply amazing and I know that Walmart has done more harm than American trade, but at some point, we must consider our own agency in the evolution towards overwhelming and monolithic stores for everything.

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