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Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, 16 dead

Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, 16 dead

Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, 16 dead

(CNN) – A United States Marine Corps transport plane crashed in western rural Mississippi on Monday afternoon, killing 16 service members on board, officials said.

The KC-130, an aircraft the Marines can use to refuel planes in air and cargo transport, crashed in Leflore County at 4 am. CT, said the service.
Federal Aviation Administration officials contacted the Marines when the plane disappeared from the air traffic control radar in the Mississippi, officials said.
The cause of the accident is unknown, said the Marines. The plane fell just off the US 82, about 85 miles north of Jackson, with debris lying on either side of the road, WDBD affiliated with CNN said.
The robbery comes from Marine Corps Air Station’s cherry point in eastern North Carolina, said the Marines. The service did not comment on the mission of the crew, route or destination.

“While we are investigating the details of the incident, our goal is to provide resources and support to the family and friends of these service members as they go through this extremely difficult time” Marines in a press release.

The flames and black smoke were lifted from a part of the wreckage on the road field, showed the video of the WDBD.

Why it is famous: the Hercules can refuel other aircraft in flight. You can fly a small military force and heavy equipment around the world – and land on short and unfinished runways. It is also used for firefighting, search and rescue and fly through dangerous storms to gather scientific data.

How many were made? Lockheed Martin has produced many variations of C-130 since its entry into service in 1956. More than 2500 have been delivered and recorded 1.5 million flight hours.

Often used for refueling aircraft, the KC-130 can also be used to deliver cargo, troops and landing gear or parachutisant and to eliminate combat forces to a combat zone.

The latest version of the KC-130, KC-130J, can weigh up to 164,000 pounds at takeoff, and has a maximum range of 4,200 nautical miles with external tanks, its maker, Lockheed Martin Corp., said.

The first KC-130 appeared in 1962. Its normal range is 1 150 000 as oil and 3,300 miles in cargo missions giving access to the arena of the entire war.
The crash of 2015 was blamed for a case of misplaced glasses.

One of the most recent crash of a C-130 American cargo plane occurred in October 2015, when it dropped to 28 seconds after it took off from Jalalabad airport in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan as it headed to the Bagram airfield . The accident killed 14 people.

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