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Microsoft Is Making Major Moves in the Cloud

Microsoft Is Making Major Moves in the Cloud

Microsoft Is Making Major Moves in the Cloud

Last week, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) announced a major restructuring to put its sales and marketing efforts on an equal footing at a time when sales of software and cloud services are a priority, at least in the Field of the company.

This week, the company unveiled the other half of the shake, reorganizing its business offerings to further stimulate the cloud plus sales and give up its Windows revenue stream to facilitate the effort.

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Monday outside the company’s Inspire Partner conference, CEO Satya Nadella announced that his company was now selling batches that provide access to Windows 10 and Office suite 365, each of which are already sold through Subscriptions.

Packages, 365 Microsoft E3 and E5, guidance companies and offer negotiable prices. A third business pack with 300 employees or less, known as Microsoft Business 365, costs $ 20 per month and a pair of Office 365 with Windows 10 “upgrade rights.”

Business groups differ primarily in the version of Office 365 associated with them. The E5 package comes with spacious office suite of 365 E5 companies, which costs $ 35 per month before the rebates, and the E3 package with Enterprise Suite E3, which lacks some analysis tools and E3 private security and an official price Of $ 20 per month. Microsoft Business 365 comes with Office 365 Premium Business, which typically costs $ 12.50 per month.

In particular, the E3 and E5 packages come with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security suite, which includes this type of mobile device and application management software, run virtual desktops on multiple devices, protect users from malware attacks, and Allowing users to access various applications and services with a common connection (SSO). Different parts of the package are in competition with BlackBerry Ltd. products (BBRY), Citrix Systems Inc.

(CTXS) and Okta Inc. (OKTA,), and gives Microsoft another way to underestimate them. Some, but not all, of the package features are included in the 365 business package.

Although 365 packages receive the most attention, Microsoft has taken some other steps to strengthen its cloud drive. The oldest:

Finally, the launch of the late acquisition of Azure Pila, a powerful server / storage device, offered by OEM partners such as Dell Technologies Inc. (DVMT), Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co.

(HPE) and Lenovo – which enables enterprises to run Azure cloud services in their own data centers and workloads move to and from the Microsoft Azure public cloud as they wish.

In particular, Microsoft will not charge license fees for the integrated Azure Pila software and services even though it will be billed on an allocation basis, such as for public cloud services.

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