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What is the list of NCERT I must study classes 6 to 12 of the UPSC Examination ?

list of NCERT I must study classes 6

This question was answered a billion times, almost all over the Internet. I myself have known in more than 10 A2As, and the answer is very simple.

Do you expect a mini library packaged in a book?

Well, the specific answer to your question is a book like this one has not been written yet! And even if ever, you can not get up physically 🙂

The reason is clear: the UPSC exam program is very broad and covers a wide range of topics and ideas, reaching a reasonable depth in each, both objective tests and descriptive perspectives of the response.

Therefore, for every part of the program, there are at least 2 or 3 excellent IAS books available, and for each type of test, there are many. In general, it can be quite cumbersome for a candidate to enter each of them separately and then bring the acquired wisdom into an integrated whole, to be applied during the pre and then the network. Is not easy!

So if you just start thinking about preparing what? Usually, my reaction should be – Just do NCERT well 🙂

From this board practically it has become a national pastime, that has lost its meaning. Here is a structured advisor only for really sincere beginners.

That’s it”!

Anyway, since you ask for a list, I’ll give you a list. But this is the last time. : D: D

6 of norm

1) Geography – Land – Our Home (67)
2) History – Our Pulp – I (136)
3) Courtesy – Political and Social Life – I (80)

7 of norm

1) Geography – Our environment (81)
2) History – Our Petres – II (157)
3) Courtesy – social and political life – II (123)

8th grade

1) Geography – Resources and Development (78)
2) History – Our Firecrackers – III (79)
3) Courtesy – Politics and Social Life – III (135)

9 of norm

1) Geography – Contemporary India – I (64)
2) History – India and the contemporary world – I (180)
3) Courtesy – Democratic Politics – I (114)
4) energy saving (56)

10th standard

1) Geography – Contemporary India – II (197)
2) History – India and the contemporary world – II (196)
3) Courtesy – Democratic Policy – II (114)
4) energy saving (93)

Standard 11

1) Geography I – Physical Geography (146)
2) Geography II – India – physical environment (102)
3) History – Themes of Universal History (260)
4) Courtesy I – Constitution of India (244)
5) Politesse II – Politics Theory (160)
6) Economy – Economic Development of India (201)

Standard 12

1) Geography I – Human Geography (113)
2) Geography II – India – People and Economy (162)
3) History – History of India (ancient) (117)
4) History II – Subjects of the History of India (Medieval) (146)
5) History III – History of India (Modern) (178)
6) Courtesy I – Contemporary World Politics (152)
7) Courtesy II – Politics since independence (197)

There are also two economics books: macroeconomics and microeconomics 12, but I hated reading these books, so I will not list them here. I also recommend not reading them. Just a waste of time.

Total books NCERT – 30
Total number of pages – 4128

If you can read 100 pages per day (which is very easy to do), it takes at least 45 days to complete the NCERT books.

Before doing anything else, spend 45 days on NCERT books. Once you have finished reading this, you should not repeat it again, and most of your bases are ready.


Also, some books may be repetitive, but will be, repeat them. There is nothing wrong with reading something twice.

After finishing with the new NCERT (30 pounds), try to control the NCERT age, especially the geography and history. (Maybe add 6 pounds more)

So, totally about 36 pounds, with 5000 pages.

All the best reading of all NCERT books. Enjoy! You can find all NCERT books as PDF files on the official website. Download them.

I hope I have been helpful. 🙂

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