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Chants against Israeli occupation in Palestine, Saudi and US as Iran marks Al Quds Day

Chants against Israeli occupation in Palestine, Saudi and US as Iran marks Al Quds Day

Chants against Israeli occupation in Palestine, Saudi and US as Iran marks Al Quds Day

The chants against the Saudi royal family and the Islamic State group mixed with traditional shouts of “Death to Israel” and “Death to the United States” at the Jerusalem Day rally through Iran on Friday.

The annual show of solidarity with the Palestinians, which sees hundreds of thousands of people visit the streets, was launched by the leader of the Iranian revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and is now marked by its allies throughout the Middle East.

The commemoration of this year takes place amid a battle intensified by the influence in the region between Shiite Iran and Sunni rival Saudi Arabia, who have had diplomatic relations since January last year.

“Death to the House of Saud and Daesh (IS),” he told the protesters. “Death to the United States”, “Death to Israel”, “Death to Great Britain”.

Iran has been heavily involved in the war against it in Iraq and Syria, where it has trained and advised militias to fight jihadists.

On Sunday, Iran fired six missiles of 750 kilometers (470 miles) on an SI base in eastern Syria, days after the jihadist group called for bombings and gunfire in Tehran.

On Friday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards showed the same Zolfaghar missiles used in the strike at Valiasr Square, in the heart of the capital, next to a Qadr 2000 mile (1250 miles) missile.

Iran’s ballistic missile program has been a constant concern in Washington and the target of repeated US sanctions.

– Countdown to the Destruction of Israel –

The Tehran metro was working for free, taking them to Tehran University’s Iranians, where the main weekly Muslim prayers were held.

Some protesters burned Israeli and American flags.

Others carried a blasphemous coffin with an image of US President Donald Trump and the motto: “Death to America, Death to the House of Saud.”

In a speech to the crowd in the capital, MP Ali Larijani, called Israel “the mother of terrorism.”

“The displacement of millions of Muslims by the Zionist regime is unprecedented in the history of all terrorist groups,” he said.

President Hassan Rouhani, who joined the march in Tehran, reached a new draft law on sanctions against Iran approved by the United States Senate.

“This year Jerusalem Day is different both by terrorists supported Israel in the region … and because of America, which has always thought to violate the rights of (Iran),” he told state television.

“With the anti-Iranian bills presented to the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, the Iranian nation means to America through the meeting that the government will respond with determination and continue on the path it has chosen.”

Last week, the Senate heavily supported harsh sanctions against Iran over its alleged “permanent support of terrorism.” The bill has been sent to the House for approval.

The Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami leader of the prayer said that the law violates the July 2015 agreement between Iran and the major powers, under which it was agreed to lift sanctions in exchange for a reduction in Iran’s nuclear activities.

“This bill is certainly a violation of the body and mind of the nuclear issue and people expect a serious response to such violations,” he said.

“Ninety-eighteen of 100 US senators voted in favor of this anti-Iranian bill … which shows there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans and they all seek enmity with the Islamic (Iran) system.”

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