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Foreign secretary Jaishankar meets US secretary of state Rex Tillerson

Foreign secretary Jaishankar meets US secretary of state Rex Tillerson

Foreign secretary Jaishankar meets US secretary of state Rex Tillerson

WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington would strengthen Indo-US relations and help promote common interest in the fight against terrorism and promote economic growth. The Secretary of State said Rex Tillerson Foreign Minister S Jaishankar.

Secretary Tillerson met Friday with Foreign Minister Jaishankar to discuss the relationship between the United States and India and the agenda of Prime Minister Meetings of the White House on June 26, said a door-floor State Department PTI.

“The secretary noted that the visit of the prime minister would strengthen the ties between the US and India and promote our common interests in the fight against terrorism, to promote economic growth and prosperity and to expand security cooperation in the region Of the Indo-Pacific, “the spokesman said.

Both agreed that the two countries have a strong and growing strategic alliance and hope to work more closely on regional and global issues, the official said in response to a question.

Jaishankar also met with other senior officials from the State Department.

Jaishankar, a former Indian ambassador to the US, played a leading role in the development of India-US relations under the Modi government.

The Modi United States visit will begin June 25.
Modi will meet with President Donald Trump for the first time on June 26 in Washington.

Prior to his visit, Modi said Friday that he is waiting for the opportunity to have an in-depth exchange of views.

“My visit to the United States seeks to deepen the ties between our nations. The strong ties between India and the United States benefit our nations and the world,” he wrote.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Modi said his two-day visit to Washington on June 25 was at the invitation of Trump.

“President Trump and I spoke on the phone earlier.

Our conversations focused on our common will to advance all our productive participation to the mutual benefit of our people, “he said.

“I am very pleased to have this opportunity to have an exchange of views on strengthening the strong and broad partnership between India and the United States,” the prime minister said.

He pointed out that India’s association with the United States is multi-layered and diverse, supported not only by governments but by all actors on both sides.

“I look forward to establishing a forward-looking vision of our partnership with the new administration in the United States under President Trump,” he added.

In addition to official meetings with Trump and his cabinet colleagues, Mr. Modi will meet with top US executives.

As in the past, it will also interact with the Indian diaspora.

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