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Indian students build world’s lightest satellite

Indian students build world’s lightest satellite

Indian students build world’s lightest satellite

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu an 18-year-old student with his young teammates made history by building the world’s lightest satellites, which weighs approximately 64 grams. Kalamsat call, the 3D satellite printed arrived in the area on Thursday.

Dr. Srimathy Kesan, director of the mission and the founder and CEO of Space Children, said: “The whole mission was to make machinery space cost-effective.

The idea was to see how satellite reacts in space, and if it reacts efficiently, even larger cubes can be developed using this material and the cost will be reduced to phenomenal mode. ”

Taking the humble path Kesan said that we worked for three and a half months of this project. Of 57 proposals, ours was the only meeting before a cube converts satellite.

“In 2015, we launched the satellite balloon (as it is called), which has created ripples due to its high cost and we have worked to build a profitable satellite,” he added.

‘Cubes in Space’, an annual international competition held by the Space Grant Consortium Colorado, DOODLE Learning Ink and NASA was a challenge that we have to establish a pilot proposal in a four-centimeter cube.

It is, fortunately, we have been investigating how to reduce the size and weight of a satellite at that time. We signed up for the competition and were selected, “said one of the teammates.

Speaking to reporters, Rifath Shaarook, the young scientist said: “I am very pleased to have launched the lighter satellite and I am proud to be part of this team.” For its part, the Tamil Nadu Assembly today congratulated the young scientists of their mission successfully.

Rifath Shaarook (Senior Scientist), Vinay S Bharadwaj (Structural Engineer), Yagna Sai (CTO), Tanishq Dwivedi (Flight Engineer), Mohammad Abdul Kashif (Senior Engineer) and Gopinath (Biologist) are team members behind The construction of the lighter satellite.

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