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London council evacuates residents amid fire safety concerns

London council evacuates residents amid fire safety concerns

London council evacuates residents amid fire safety concerns

A London community evacuated some 800 homes in five public apartment towers due to security concerns after a devastating fire that killed 79 people at a high altitude in west London last week.

The decision comes as residents of thousands of rounds around Britain were concerned about safety after commonly used materials were accused of rapidly propagating the flame Grenfell tower construction.

Council of Camden in north London who announced the evacuation last night was the first local government to overcome the dramatic step of emptying buildings so that security improvements can be made.

The head of the council, Georgia Gould, said the district had made the decision after the London fire brigade and council experts said they could not guarantee the safety of residents after inspecting the five towers.

The inspectors were in response to complaints from previously unknown security residents, he said.

“I decided very, very hard to move the people who live there in temporary accommodation while we do an urgent job to ensure security,” Gould told reporters outside the public housing complex. “I know this is difficult, but Grenfell changes everything.”

Public safety concerns were caused by external coatings known as aluminum composite panels, which are expected to quickly have spread the fire in Grenfell Tower on June 14, trapping residents in their homes before firefighters can not save them.

City councils across the UK are testing similar panels in hundreds of their buildings.

So far fourteen apartment blocks have tested positive for combustible materials.

However, some residents of the buildings in Camden, known collectively as the Chalcot Estate, expressed their frustration at the lack of information they received about the evacuation.

Edward Strange, who lives on the 11th floor of the Taplow Tower, was heading to the airport when he learned of the evacuation radio and again found security council employees on neon transfers that direct residents to a center Community.

“I think it’s an overreaction,” he told Sky News. “Or at least we should have the option.

If we wanted to leave, we should have the option to leave. But keep in mind that you have to go is just ridiculous. This is our house “.

British Prime Minister Theresa May offered a message of solidarity to affected residents, taking Twitter to commit to working with relevant authorities to provide support.

“I think the residents are evacuated in Camden, while their homes are safe tonight,” he said.

The Council encouraged residents to stay with friends and family, but promised to provide temporary housing if that was not possible.

Repairs to the building must be completed within three to four weeks.

The Board has reported that it had concerns about building lining Thursday when tests showed that the material was not the fire resistant variety it had ordered.

Hours earlier, police said they were considering filing charges of homicide in the Grenfell disaster.

Pakistan: 62 killed, 100 injured in multiple attacks on eve of Eid

Pakistan: 62 killed, 100 injured in multiple attacks on eve of Eid

Pakistan: 62 killed, 100 injured in multiple attacks on eve of Eid

The two explosions ripped a busy market with buyers of Eid in a predominantly Shi’ite city, while a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden vehicle and militants opened fire on police separated in the three major cities of Pakistan attacks, killing 62 People and wounding about 100.

The attacker detonated his explosives-laden vehicle near the office of the Inspector General of Police Ehsan Mehboob in Quetta, capital of Baluchistan province, killing at least 13 people, including seven policemen and wounding 21.

The blast was claimed both by the local branch of the Islamic State terrorist group and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA), a split group from Pakistan’s Tehrik-e-Taliban.

Thirteen people, including seven policemen, died when the suicide, authorities said. Hours later, two consecutive explosions ripped a market full of people who bought Eid in the city of Parachinar, dominated Shios in the Kurram tribal region, killing at least 45 people, mostly Shiite, and wounding 75.

The first explosion occurred during rush hour at Turi Mercado, where there is also a bus terminal. The second explosion occurred as rescue workers and spectators rushed to help those who had been injured in the first explosion.

At least 45 people were killed and 75 others injured in Parachinar, an official at Parachinar PTI said.

Earlier, the medical director of the General District Hospital, Parachinar, Sabir Hussain, confirmed the deaths of at least 25 people and injured more than 100 people in the explosions. More than 20 injured are in critical condition.

Four policies DEAD
No group has claimed responsibility for the explosions. However, Sunni militant groups have claimed responsibility for several attacks in the region in the past.

At night, two men armed on a motorcycle, helmets with their faces covered, opened fire on police officers at a restaurant on the road in Karachi and killed four of them.

A deputy inspector was among the dead in the attack, said Police Superintendent Asif Ahmad.

In Parachinar, officials said the explosions on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan targeted purchases from the people of the area and those who left the city before Eid.

Emergency services and rescue of wounded in the headquarters of the Agency’s Parachinar hospital.

Security forces have coordinated the entire area and began a search operation. FC contingents of the Pakistani army and personnel arrived at the scene to assist the rescue efforts.

“Two Force Aviation helicopters took off from Peshawar to Parachinar for the rapid evacuation of wounded in Peshawar,” the army said in a statement. “The rescue operation in progress,” he added.

Pakistan’s army, for its part, launched a military operation against militants at the national level. Army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said security has been reinforced throughout the country.

“The specialized intelligence-based operation (IBO) and search operations were launched in coordination with intelligence services and other security agencies,” he said.

On March 31, an explosion of a car bomb near a Shiite Imambargah killed 23 people and wounded another 70 in Parachinar. In January, 25 people were killed and another 87 when a bomb destroyed a crowded vegetable market in the same city.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the attacks, saying that the terrorists involved in the attacks will be supported and efforts will be made to eliminate terrorism.

President Mamnoon Hussain, chairman of the Senate Raza Rabbani, Prime Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, Governor Muhammad Khan Achakzai Balochistan and former President Asif Ali Zardari, among others, also condemned the attack.

Baloutchien government spokesman Anwarul Haq Kakar told Geo News that the alleged attacker Quetta tried to break security
Perimeter to guide the police stations, but exploded after the permanent police guard tried to stop.

‘Our situation is comfortable’: Qatar refuses to comply with deadline to meet 13 demands of Arab nations

‘Our situation is comfortable’: Qatar refuses to comply with deadline to meet 13 demands of Arab nations

‘Our situation is comfortable’: Qatar refuses to comply with deadline to meet 13 demands of Arab nations

Upon a serious request, Qatar insisted Friday that it can indefinitely survive the economic and diplomatic measures that its neighbors have taken to try to comply with pressure, although a senior emirate official warned the small country is preparing to crush a long economy term.

Taking into account 10 days to make a decision, Qatar said it was examining the specific concessions demanded from the small Persian Gulf nation, which included the partition of Al Jazeera and the reduction of ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, Qatar officials have not moved from their previous insistence on not sitting with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries to negotiate the end of the crisis under the seat.

“I can assure you that our current situation is very comfortable,” United States Qatari ambassador Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani told the AP. “Qatar could go on forever like this without any problem.”

Asked about the fact that Qatar has felt the pressure to quickly resolve the crisis, he said: “No, not at all.”

While the United States has moved away from any central mediation role, all parties seemed to settle for a potentially prolonged crisis.

Qatar’s neighbors stressed the fact that their list of 13 claims points was their result, not a starting point for negotiations.

If Qatar refuses to meet the deadline, Arab countries have indicated that they will continue indefinitely to restrict access to land, sea and air, as economic pressure on Qatar increases.

“The measures taken are here to stay until there is a long-term solution to the issue,” said Ambassador Emirate in the United States. Yousef al-Otaiba said in an interview.

They suggest that the sanctions are so economic and diplomatic, he said there is no military component to it.

After urging Qatari’s neighbors to offer “reasonable and viable” requests, the United States sought to move away from the crisis on the day after publication by the Arab countries in a list that includes several provisions that Qatar already Had declared that he could not or did not want to accept.

But the ultimatum was quickly rejected by Qatar’s ally Turkey, and launched as an attack on freedom of expression by Al-Jazeera, the Qatari chain that the neighboring country rich in gas needs to be closed.

Saudi, emirates, Egyptians and Bahrain applications is a call for a comprehensive review of Qatar’s foreign policy and the exchange of natural gas-financed influence in the region.

Compliance would require Qatar to align its policies on the regional vision of Saudi Arabia, the largest economy in the Middle East and the guardian of Qatar’s only land border.

“This essentially reflects an attempt by these countries to eliminate free media and undermine our sovereignty,” said Al Thani, the Qatari envoy.

“They are trying to impose their views on how issues should be addressed in the Middle East.” “They are the aggressors,” he added.

Applications include news closing, including Al-Jazeera and its affiliates; To curb diplomatic relations with Iran; And the separation of all ties with Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

The United Arab Emirates said the list was intended to be confidential. AP obtained a copy of one of the countries involved in the conflict.

The four countries have severed ties with Qatar earlier this month on allegations that terrorist funds – a charge that President Donald Trump echoed.

Qatar vehemently denies funding or support extremism, but acknowledges that it allows members of some extremist groups like Hamas to live in Qatar, arguing that fostering dialogue is essential to resolving global conflicts.

The movement of Qatar’s neighbors was allowed de facto blockade.

Although residents have a run at the supermarket, in the days following the crisis, the situation has calmed since Qatar has secured alternative sources of food imported from Turkey and elsewhere.

Over 140 people feared buried in China landslide

Over 140 people feared buried in China landslide

Over 140 people feared buried in China landslide

BEIJING: Chinese rescue crews have covered the rocks Saturday in a frenzied search of more than 140 feared people buried after the landslide crashed in a mountain village in Sichuan Province, southwest.

A couple and a baby were rescued and taken to hospital after more than 40 homes in the town of Xinmo were swallowed by huge rocks when a mountainside collapsed, according to the Maoxin County government.

At least 141 people and 46 houses were buried, People newspaper published a spokesman for the Maoxin County Government.

The landslide blocked a two kilometer (one mile) stretch and a 1.6 kilometer road.

Rescue teams used ropes to move a massive rock, while dozens of others searched the debris for survivors, according to videos released by the Maoxian government on their Weibo social networking account.

Heavy bulldozers and bulldozers have also been made to remove rocks, the images showed. Doctors were seen treating a woman on a road.

Wang Yongbo, one of the local officials in charge of the rescue work, said the vital signs of one of the survivors “are weak.”

“This is the largest landslide in this area since the Wenchuan earthquake,” he said, referring to the catastrophe that killed 87,000 people in 2008 in a city in Sichuan.

Local Police captain Chen Tiebo said that heavy rains that hit the region in recent days caused landslides.

“There are several tons of rock,” he told CCTV.
“This is a seismic zone here. There is not much vegetation,” Chen said.

Trees can help absorb excess rainfall and prevent landslides.
About 500 people participated in the rescue work, according to CCTV.

An emergency response “to the catastrophic first-class geological disaster” is underway, the local government said, adding that the magnitude of the landslide was not yet clear.

A report from the official Xinhua news agency said the landslide came from a mountaintop in Aba Qiang’s Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and collapsed.

The landslide hit the village at 6:00 a.m. (22:00 GMT).

President Xi Jinping called on the rescue teams to “spare no effort” in finding survivors, according to CCTV.

Landslides are a common hazard in China’s rural and mountainous regions, especially during heavy rains.

At least 12 people were killed in January, when a landslide crushed a hotel in central Hubei province.

In October, landslides hit eastern China in the wake of typhoon Megi brought on by torrential rains, causing damage and killing at least eight people.

More than 70 people were killed by a landslide at the Shenzhen Mall in southern December 2015, due to inadequate waste disposal.

One of the deadliest landslides occurred in 1991, when 216 people died in southwest Yunnan province.

‘Suicide Attack’ On Grand Mosque In Mecca Foiled, 6 Injured: Saudi Cops

'Suicide Attack' On Grand Mosque In Mecca Foiled, 6 Injured: Saudi Cops

‘Suicide Attack’ On Grand Mosque In Mecca Foiled, 6 Injured: Saudi Cops

The suicide killed in Mecca
Police arrested five suspects, including one woman, after raids

Saudi Arabia has faced periodic bombings and shootings since 2014

Six foreign pilgrims were injured in Saudi Arabia on Friday when a suicide bomber for the healthiest Mecca of Islam site exploded, the Interior Ministry said.

The incident occurred around the Great Mosque, where hundreds of thousands of worshipers gathered for early afternoon prayer, the last Friday of Ramadan this year, the month of Muslim fasting.

Ministry spokesman Mansour al-Turki told Saudi television that the police “frustrated the terrorist plan was the security of the Great Mosque, pilgrims and worshipers.”

In the sunrise raids to Mecca and the Red Sea city, Jeddah agents detained five suspects, including one woman, before surrounding the bomber’s location around the Great Mosque.

“Unfortunately, he started firing on security personnel when he realized his presence in the region, which resulted in an exchange of shots before he exploded,” Turki said.

The explosion partially collapsed the building where he took refuge, wounding six pilgrims told them Turki.

He added that four had been discharged, and five security men were also slightly injured.

Since late 2014, Saudi Arabia has faced periodic bombings and shootings claimed by ISIS.

Presumed images of the scene that were circulating on social networks showed a brick-filled footbridge and other seemingly explosive debris.

The video showed what appeared to be the head of a bearded man who was among the debris of a collapsed structure.

Terrorist capacity

Near the end of Ramadan last year in the Saudi city of Medina, four security officers were killed in an explosion near the second holiest site in Islam, the Prophet’s mosque.

It was one of three suicide bombings in the entire kingdom, the same day seven people died. The other occurred in Jeddah and in the Gulf city of Qatif.

The United States Central Intelligence Agency said the attacks carried the characteristics of ISIS.

Most of the targets in Saudi Arabia were Shi’ite minority and security forces, killing dozens of people.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called the attacks on the kingdom, a member of the US-led coalition fighting the group in Syria and Iraq.

Since July last year, police have arrested 40 people, including Saudis and Pakistanis for alleged extremist links.

Anti-terrorism capabilities of Saudi Arabia – which for years were led by Prince Mohammed bin Nayef – are well regarded internationally.

Wednesday, Prince Mohammed was expelled from his post and the crown prince of the Interior Minister, replaced as heir to the throne by the son of King Mohammed bin Salman Salman.

The anti-terrorist operation on Friday was the first to take place under the new Interior Minister, Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz bin Saud, who began 30 years ago.

Controversies surrounding presidential pick Meira Kumar may come back to haunt her

Controversies surrounding presidential pick Meira Kumar may come back to haunt her

Controversies surrounding presidential pick Meira Kumar may come back to haunt her

BJP led the NDA to overcome the opposition by stating that Ram Nath Kovind was their presidential candidate.

He waited for the passing of the ruling party, Congress and another 16 parties announced the name of the former president of Lok Sabha Meira Kumar, making him a dalit dalit in front of the competition.

In addition to the two Dalits, there are other similarities between Ram Nath Kovind and Meira Kumar. One of them is the controversy involving both presidential candidates.

Ram Nath Kovind and Meira Kumar make the laws. While the former was practicing law, he had not.

Kovind erases civil service examinations, but declined the offer, as he was selected in the related services. Meira Kumar was an officer of the Foreign Service of India and worked in several aspects.

Both are also politicians. Meira Kumar also a political career more illustrious than his rival.

Kovind was a Rajya Sabha MP for two periods of Uttar Pradesh tops the BJP Morcha caste. He was also the party’s national spokesman.

Meira Kumar is a member of the five-term Lok Sabha who wins up to, Delhi and Bihar. He was also Minister of Union Cabinet before becoming the representative of the Lok Sabha.

However, the political career of Meira Kumar has been much more controversial than that of Ram Nath Kovind. These controversies came to haunt her.

Former chairman of the Lower House is involved in a serious dispute over the allocation of bungalows in Lutyens Delhi may even end up in trouble at some point.

For allegedly using his influence when he was the speaker, Meira Kumar got a bungalow 6, Krishna Menon Marg converts National Babu Jagjivan Ram Foundation.

She also granted for 25 years until 2038.
Meira Kumar is the daughter of former PM and freedom fighter Babu Jagjivan Ram.

She was the last official occupant until 2002 6, the bungalow Krishna Menon Marg where Jagjivan Ram lived until his death in 1986.

At one point, she had two bungalows in her possession: a 6, Krishna Menon Marg and the other 20, Akbar Road. We were assigned bungalows under their intervention.

However, the conversion of Krishna Menon Marg bungalows into a monument by the previous UPA government and its assignment in the name of the Meira Kumar family for 25 years to a note has been against the Cabinet Council of 2000 date of the Government of NDA to avoid such manipulations.

According to an RTI response, the government slapped on a bill to rent Rs 1.98 crore in Krishna Menon Marg bungalow.

However, Meira Kumar is accused of having waived his dismissal when he was locuteuse.

RTI activist Subhash Chandra Agrawal, who had sought government details, told India Today that the administration’s succession response after a CIC verdict confirmed that the rent bill of Rs 1.98 crore Has been canceled without any registered application.

He said: “The central government must generate the rent bill to recover because the bungalow (6, Krishna Menon Marg) is necessarily kept and illegally occupied as an unofficial monument since the end of Babu Jagjivan Ram after the death of his widow Indrani Devi … the government must also cancel the conversion of the cabin as a monument. ”

He stated that the bungalow became openly “unofficial monument” by successive central governments that have deliberately kept bungalows “abandoned” to allow such “illegal activity invasion and intrusion.”

“The bungalow was used to organize prayer meetings on the birthday and death Jagjivan Ram without permission from the government, but with the presence of senior officials,” he said.

He defended the Center to reject applications from former Union Minister Ajit Singh to convert the bungalow 12 Tuglaq Road into a memorial on behalf of his father and former prime minister Choudhary Charan Singh.

SpaceX is about to do something huge

No one has accused SpaceX founder Elon Musk of thinking small, but these plans represent an important step forward for the mangeage.

SpaceX has done incredible things in its short industry including, but not limited to, goods delivery contracts with NASA points to Earth a colony on Mars, and successful tests to land a first stage of the rocket after its launch In a development that could revolutionize space travel. However, a new ambitious plan to create a network of satellites that provide high-speed Internet access for the world shows that it still has very great musk ideas.

The company expects to launch a bunch of satellites that would be in a range three times as far away as the International Space Station. The company has filed an application with the CEO describing a plan to orbit more than 4000 satellites or four times the number of active satellites around Earth at this time.

The goal of SpaceX would be to launch satellites in 2019 and gradually increase the number of launches until they are in space by 2024. SpaceX plans to do so through the reusable Falcon 9 rocket. If the move is successful, the only satellite Internet service would be profitable enough to fund a mission to Mars.

Iridium NEXT enable the development of innovative products and innovative solutions in iridium of
Broad ecosystem of partners
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The generation of multiple

Service Information
Active platform Irid
The next, it provides faster speeds and higher data speeds for several
Vertical industrial sectors. A service of this quality and value that is unprecedented in the industry and ready to
Disrupt the current state of the market quo. Currently the service is configured to
Be commercially available in 2017
And it’s being tested on Iridium’s existing network.
The first Iridium launch campaign consists of seven SpaceX launches Falcon 9, the implementation of ten Iridium
NEXT satellites at a time. These are the 70 satellites Iridium NEAR
Should be deployed in early 2018.
It is the only satellite of communications of mobile networks and voice and voice that extends all over the world.
Iridium allows
real time
The links between people, organizations and goods to and from


Designer duo Anjana Bhargav and Ankita Bhargav made their first men’s line with the men’s week. Their range gives the classic Aligarhi kurta a modern avatar. The focus is on kurta shirts that redefine casual luxe. The collection is experimental and creates a look for the modern man that is new age yet extremely wearable. The fabrics are soft cotton knits mixed with silks, woven jacquards and bamboo jerseys.

Deliberately upturning notions of male sensuality and taking it to a new platform even by his own standards- do remember that designer Rohit Bal has put sindoor on his men in the past-the show aptly titled Badmaash was all about playing up passionate men’s sexiness punctuated with a dollop of provocativeness. The show began with a host of bare-chested male models reclining suggestively on the ornate couches set up as props on the runway. Amid loud cheers, the opening sequence saw the boys flexing their gym-toned bodies languidly, showing off the perfect six packs and oozing raw masculinity.

As can be expected from the showman, his collection was a delicate and tasteful fusion of western and Indian silhouettes. There




Low business

There were tall claims that domestic buyers would be around in plenty at India’s first Men’s Fashion Week here, but were they all in hiding? Even those who were present at the three-day event preferred not to place orders. Apart from domestic buyers, there were a few international buyers as well and according to them, Indian designers have a long way to go

q\j makp. if intp.mfltinnallu wear. “As a market,

perhaps the Indian designer-wear sector isn’t at a stage where it can churn out a high street label similar to the ones available internationally, but it’s just a matter of time and right investments,” said Doris Pietrek, a buyer from US- based store Anthropologe.

Another buyer, David Schneider from the Portuguese store Living Fashion, said he was here just to get a feel of the Indian men’s wear

was an excessive usage of passion colours such as rust, red, plum and flaming orange.

The liberal usage of gold patterns and baroque, the ensemble is from Siddhartha Tytler’s Spring Summer 10 collection, titled Love Look of the

collections and due to recession he would have to keep a check on what he was buying. Designers say they are not disappointed with the business scene – most of them echoed they expected no business – and that it was their duty to participate in India’s first Men’s Fashion Week. Mumbai-based celebrity designer Rocky S chose not to showcase in the stalls

e many takers. “I wasn’t expecting business at all. Hence I chose not to exhibit my collection in the stalls. I was here to support this wonderful initiative,” Rocky said. Though the stalls are spacious, the designers have just displayed their clothes on hangers and very few of them have used mannequins. Though VHIMW is a business-to-business event, most of the designers were not to be found at their stalls.

Day like prints accentuated the party feel of the outfits. The western-style pants were well cut in linear streamlined finish. There were also full-legged loose trousers in draped fall gathered at the ankles. The ornate sherwanis and bandhgalas were embellished with delicate gold work and lotus and peacock motifs in Swarovski. The jackets and waistcoats were structured and sharply tailored. The collection was all about displaying an edgy, naughty side of male dressing and the mood on the runway was created to highlight the unrestrained indulgence to sensuality.


the first ever Van Heusen India Men’s Week (VHIMW) in the country that was held in New Delhi, couturiers are tracking international trends and making designs just for men. The Men’s Fashion Week provided a platform for designers to showcase their work and encourage further development of their labels in the Indian market.

It’s a milestone for the Indian fashion industry and a much- awaited opportunity for the designers to tap into a wider market and make people aware of designer menswear and make products accessible and available to them.

Designers feel that the concept of a fashion week for men is very new even to the world and India should be happy to have become the fourth country to hold an all-male fashion week after London, New York and Paris. India is a huge market with men’s wear sharing a major portion and Indian men are ready to experiment today.

The changing lifestyle of the Indian male is also a ready reckoner to reflect how much they have evolved in terms of style and grooming. That is the reason Indian men, who till now thought that a shirt is a shirt, are ready for the boutique- ish, designer wear kind of stuff. Earlier men didn’t have the time to invest in fashion. The ‘new man’ is willing to spend money on himself to look smarter and feel good.

The fact that the attitude of the male gender towards fashion has changed over the years was an encouraging factor for designers who came up with their men’s wear collection at The Men’s Week. The fashion fraternity feels that VHIMW will become a benchmark for fashion biz and will hopefully lead to more people joining in for the next year’s extravaganza.

According to designer Rocky S, “Right now, men’s wear has about 30-40 per cent of the market. But this market is rapidly growing thanks to the growing consciousness among men to constantly upgrade their wardrobes. Men’s fashion is going to get really big in the coming years and we have started off in the right direction.”

FDCI’s Sunil Sethi adds, “Men are also now more conscious about their looks – they go to the gym, they take

care of themselves, and the fact that the retail industry wanted us to go ahead with a dedicated men’s fashion week, shows that there’s a clear demand.” Men’s apparel is five times bigger than the women’s apparel segment. In India, women’s wear took off in a big way because women began climbing the corporate ladder and discovered western wear and corporate dressing.


“I see that the industry has moved a long way and there has been a lot of growth in the men’s fashion scenario,” said designer Ravi Bajaj who participated in his first ever fashion week with his collection Dandy March, shifted from the trademark classic look to something more indulgent. His range included Jamavar trousers, velvet shirts, surface ornamentation, cashmere bandhgalas, and paisley-print pants. Also, the textures were smooth and the silhouettes were sharp, well tailored and emphasis has been laid on the fit. Rajvi Mohan’s collection portrayed a man who’s on a holiday, does not give a damn and just wants to relax. “Being a woman designing for men is the best job in the world,” said Rajvi. On the other hand, Himmat Singh translated the royal world of Rajasthan with his Prince collection as models sashayed wearing ‘bandhgalas’ and ‘sherwanis’ with ethnic pagdis and swords for company.

Already famous in the fashion circuit, Nitin Bal Chauhan believes that men have become more fashion conscious. “These days, men want to dress up and be at par with their women when it comes to fashion. They are very specific. Not only the professionals you can see college­going youngsters too.

“They all want to wear the latest trends and experiment with their looks and style. I feel that having a

fashion week solely for men is the first right step to tap this booming market. My designs are mainly inspired by gothic architecture, rock and roll and nature. My collection is all about sleek pants with funky t-shirts that are extremely affordable. Besides clothes I have also designed a range of bags” said Nitin. Since his designs were inspired by the youth, we saw college-going teenagers walking down the ramp instead of male models.

Known for his individuality and original concepts, designer Zubair Kirmani felt that the Men’s Fashion Week should have happened a couple of years ago but now is not a bad time either. In fact, it has been only 10 years since fashion industry has become such a big business in India and men’s fashion has become more global since the past five years. So I feel we are behind by five years but overall it’s a great time for men’s fashion.

Former supermodel-turned-actor Muzammil Ibrahim said that as a budding model, he had wished that India had a dedicated fashion event for men. He was glad that new male models now have a platform in the VHIMW. “This platform will work wonders for male models. When I was just a model I really wanted something like this to come up but at that time, we didn’t have any such chance. So I am sure that now things will be much better for models who are just starting their careers as they will have many more opportunities,” said Muzammil.

MAKE YOUII HAIR SOFT AND LUSTROUS How to make your crowning glory can object of envy. By Suman ‘Vats’

How to make your crowning glory can object of envy.

By Suman ‘Vats’





hen it comes to appearance there is no denying the fact that hair plays an essential part of a woman’s beauty. Proper hair care will lead to healthier and better looking hair. Bad hair care or not taking care of your hair can lead to breakage, fly away, split ends, dull hair, and early hair loss.

Silky, manageable hair is what all of us dream of and only a few possess. But all it takes is a little bit of regular care to keep your hair soft, lustrous and beautiful. For that you have to maintain a daily hair care routine.

The most important thing is to have a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, learn to relax, and practise a combination of yoga and pilates as a part of your fitness regime. Drink
10-12 glasses of water, and eat a balanced low-oil diet. Include lots of fresh fruits, fruit juices, nuts and dry fruits, and green leafy vegetables in your daily diet. Eat raw oats since it is a rich source of silica which is vital for hair growth. Vitamins B and C are also essential for hair growth. Avoid junk foods as much as possible.


Massage your scalp every day. This will improve the blood circulation at the roots and keeps the hair healthy. Use your fingertips and not your nails, for the scalp massage. Get a hair massage once or twice a week since it stimulates and improves blood circulation in the scalp, which enhances hair growth. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Use an umbrella or a cap or a scarf or a hat –






anything that will prevent exposure to direct sunlight.

Brush you hair with a round-tipped brush, twice a day. the ideal way of brushing is start at the nape of the neck and move upwards towards the crown, repeat this stroke at least three times, and then brush your hair the normal way. This improves blood circulation in the scalp. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. This helps to control hair breakage.

After washing your hair, comb your hair when it is still wet. Gently untangle the tangled ends. This also helps to control hair breakage.

Cleansing your hair is important on a regular basis. Before having your hair washed, make sure you remove all the tangles first. Styling and drying will be a lot easier this way. When drying your hair, do not rub with a towel. Just blot the moisture out of the hair. This is because a towel rubbing would lead to tangles and probable breakages, not to mention the hassles you will go through in disentangling.

When doing a hair wash, you would first notice that there is not so much lather. But not to worry, it is just because there is still dirt present in the hair. So better rinse the hair but don’t squeeze it or even pull the hair for this might cause hair problems too. It is better just too smoothly run your hands down just to remove excess water and shampoo, then wash the hair again.


Buy shampoos and conditioners that match your hair type. When shampooing, rinse your hair out before applying any shampoo to remove any dust, dirt and any other foreign items, then apply the shampoo onto your scalp and massage it gently with your finger tips and work your way outwards. Thoroughly rinse your hair out to remove any shampoo residue that may be left. Shampoo residue may dry your hair and/or attract dirt. You should wash your hair as often as you feel necessary to keep it clean, but a general rule is you should wash oily hair every day or every other day and only wash dry hair two-three times a week.

If you have dry hair, you need a gentle natural shampoo, enriched with green tea extracts that makes the hair strong and shiny. You need to use a deep conditioner for dry hair.

If you have oily hair, you need to wash it regularly to get rid of the excess oil. This is done best by a shampoo that has extracts of rosemary and pansy as its ingredients.

If you have normal hair, use a shampoo that is mild, and condition your hair at regular intervals.

Use a conditioner after shampooing, it’ll moisturise your hair, give it extra protection, add shine, reduce static, and make it easier to untangle. Use a leave-in conditioner, it’ll hydrate and protect your hair. A leave-in conditioner on your hair is the equivalent of moisturiser on your face. When conditioning your hair, try to spread the conditioner evenly throughout your hair and leave it in for a couple of minutes before rinsing out your hair.

Be gentle when shampooing and conditioning, don’t use excessive force rubbing your hair. Remember hair is most vulnerable when wet.




  • Before entering a swimmingpool, wet your hair so that it will soak up the pre-dip water instead of the chlorinated water.
  • Hot air can be damaging to your hair, so when using a hair­dryer use the pool’s cool setting.
  • Don’t keep the blow-dryer in one spot for more than a few seconds, keep it moving and at a good distance from your hair.
  • To speed up the drying process, pat your hair dry with a towel and let the remaining moisture in your hair dry naturally.
I Use a brush whose bristles are made from natural animal hairs. It is softer and more flexible which means less damage will be done to your hair.
  • Use brushes/combs with widely-spaced bristles/teeth and smooth tips. Sharp tooth combs can damage your hair, cause split ends, and scratch your scalp.
  • Follow a hair trimming procedure on a regular basis to get rid of the spilt ends and ensure a healthy hair growth.
  • Apply hair packs once in 15 days and alternate it with hot oil therapy.
  • Wear a hairstyle that complements your dressing and personality.


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