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Designer duo Anjana Bhargav and Ankita Bhargav made their first men’s line with the men’s week. Their range gives the classic Aligarhi kurta a modern avatar. The focus is on kurta shirts that redefine casual luxe. The collection is experimental and creates a look for the modern man that is new age yet extremely wearable. The fabrics are soft cotton knits mixed with silks, woven jacquards and bamboo jerseys.

Deliberately upturning notions of male sensuality and taking it to a new platform even by his own standards- do remember that designer Rohit Bal has put sindoor on his men in the past-the show aptly titled Badmaash was all about playing up passionate men’s sexiness punctuated with a dollop of provocativeness. The show began with a host of bare-chested male models reclining suggestively on the ornate couches set up as props on the runway. Amid loud cheers, the opening sequence saw the boys flexing their gym-toned bodies languidly, showing off the perfect six packs and oozing raw masculinity.

As can be expected from the showman, his collection was a delicate and tasteful fusion of western and Indian silhouettes. There




Low business

There were tall claims that domestic buyers would be around in plenty at India’s first Men’s Fashion Week here, but were they all in hiding? Even those who were present at the three-day event preferred not to place orders. Apart from domestic buyers, there were a few international buyers as well and according to them, Indian designers have a long way to go

q\j makp. if intp.mfltinnallu wear. “As a market,

perhaps the Indian designer-wear sector isn’t at a stage where it can churn out a high street label similar to the ones available internationally, but it’s just a matter of time and right investments,” said Doris Pietrek, a buyer from US- based store Anthropologe.

Another buyer, David Schneider from the Portuguese store Living Fashion, said he was here just to get a feel of the Indian men’s wear

was an excessive usage of passion colours such as rust, red, plum and flaming orange.

The liberal usage of gold patterns and baroque, the ensemble is from Siddhartha Tytler’s Spring Summer 10 collection, titled Love Look of the

collections and due to recession he would have to keep a check on what he was buying. Designers say they are not disappointed with the business scene – most of them echoed they expected no business – and that it was their duty to participate in India’s first Men’s Fashion Week. Mumbai-based celebrity designer Rocky S chose not to showcase in the stalls

e many takers. “I wasn’t expecting business at all. Hence I chose not to exhibit my collection in the stalls. I was here to support this wonderful initiative,” Rocky said. Though the stalls are spacious, the designers have just displayed their clothes on hangers and very few of them have used mannequins. Though VHIMW is a business-to-business event, most of the designers were not to be found at their stalls.

Day like prints accentuated the party feel of the outfits. The western-style pants were well cut in linear streamlined finish. There were also full-legged loose trousers in draped fall gathered at the ankles. The ornate sherwanis and bandhgalas were embellished with delicate gold work and lotus and peacock motifs in Swarovski. The jackets and waistcoats were structured and sharply tailored. The collection was all about displaying an edgy, naughty side of male dressing and the mood on the runway was created to highlight the unrestrained indulgence to sensuality.

Depression expected to become Tropical Storm Nate, heading toward Nicaragua, Honduras

A tropical depression that breathes in the South Caribbean could become tropical storm Nate on the way to reach the Gulf Coast, and perhaps Florida as a hurricane over the weekend. In his 11 hours. Wednesday’s opinion, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said the storm was moving over warm water and that she faced a light wind shear that could allow rapid intensification. Its sustained winds could reach about 85 mph in three days, becoming a Category 1 storm as it approaches the Gulf Coast on Saturday.

Forecasters on Wednesday increased their forecast intensity early in the day, but said there was still a possibility that the storm could weaken as it passes through Central America and the Yucatan. “Residents along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida should monitor the progress of this system for the coming days and comply with the advice of local authorities,” Hurricane Nacional said in its latest ruling.

At 11 o’clock, the depression is located 70 miles west of San Andres Island off the coast of Nicaragua, where it could dump up to 20 inches of rain and trigger landslides and dangerous flooding lands, forecasters announced of the National Hurricane Center. Sustained winds reached 35 mph. It is expected that the storm is moving northeastern Nicaragua on Thursday and eastern Honduras Thursday and Friday, causing heavy rains across much of the Central American coast.

Forecasts said it was too early to say where the storm will hit the Gulf Coast. The storm is headed by a high-pressure ridge over the southwestern Atlantic, but a low-pressure tank across the Florida Straits could force it to move faster north-northwest through Friday and into the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday. The amount of land that it crosses could also weaken it, complicating the forecast of the track. Reliable American and European models differed according to the future trajectory of the storm up to 90 miles, according to forecasters.

Monitoring forecasts so far may also have wide margins of error. So far this year, tracking forecasts four to five days ahead have averaged errors of about 170 to 230 miles. While the weather and magnitude of the storm remain uncertain, the Florida peninsula and Gulf coast west of Louisiana should remain vigilant in the coming days, according to forecasts. The storm is expected to produce strong winds, a storm and heavy rains.

Another tropical depression, on day 16 in a recent hurricane season, has formed in the southern Caribbean on Wednesday morning and could be a weak Category 1 hurricane when it hits the US coast. Tropical storm warnings were issued for parts of Nicaragua and Honduras, where heavy rainfall is expected. Costa Rica and Panama could have five to 10 inches of rain, with up to 20 inches possible in some places. Last Wednesday, a hurricane watch was issued for parts of Mexico.

The sunny south Florida weather cover is not related to the storm, but to part of another system in western Cuba and the Florida Strait. A strong contraction of the wind should keep this system disorganized, which should generate heavy rains and bursts in Florida and the Bahamas. Wednesday’s depression becomes Cyclone 16 in a recent season that affected febrile intensity over the past two months with five named storms since Aug. 30. Three deadly storms – Harvey, Irma and Mary – were formed in less than 30 days.

In September, the highest amount of recorded hurricane energy occurred, with the highest number of days with a major hurricane, according to Colorado State University meteorologist Phil Klotzbach. Earlier in the season, analysts raised their prediction for the number of storms between the ages of 14 and 19, with two to five major hurricanes. The season ends on November 30th. A tropical depression formed on October 4, 2017 off the coast of Nicaragua. The system, which is expected to be strengthened in tropical storm Nate, is expected to be based in the Gulf of Mexico.

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