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A riptide swept away a Florida family. Then beachgoers formed a human chain.

A riptide swept away a Florida family. Then beachgoers formed a human chain.

A riptide swept away a Florida family. Then beachgoers formed a human chain.

When Jessica and Derek Simmons first saw the beach legs pausing to look out into the water, the young couple had simply assumed that someone had seen a shark.

It was Saturday night, after all, the peak summer in Panama City Beach for overheated Florida tourists through the curious marine life. Then they noticed intermittent lights on the walk, a police truck in the sand and about a dozen bullet heads about 100 meters beyond the beach, desperately asking for help.

Six members of the same family – four adults and two young children – and four other swimmers were swept away by a strong stream of harsh and deceptive hangover beneath the surface of the water.

“These people do not drown today,” said Jessica Simmons, said in Panama City Herald News. “This is not happening. Let’s get it done.”

She was a good swimmer and face without fear of adversity. But others had tried to get there and every previous rescue attempt had blocked more people.

There was no guard on duty, and law enforcement on the scene chose to wait for a rescue boat. The people on the beach had no rescue equipment, just training boards, surfboards and their arms and legs.
“Form a human chain!” They began to scream.

Roberta Ursrey was one of those captured in the turbulent waters of the tragedy. To 100 meters of the Gulf of Mexico, between the waves and the beggars Salt water, he heard the cries, he told The Washington Post.

Stephen Ursrey, 8, and his 11-year-old brother, Noah. (Courtesy of Roberta Ursrey)
At that time, Ursrey and the other eight people trapped with him had been in the water for about 20 minutes struggling for their lives. Ursrey and others had ventured into the water to save their two wires, Noah, 11, and Stephen, 8, who were separated from their families while the waves continued on their surfboards.

Tabatha Monroe and his wife, Brittany, in Panama City for a birthday get-away, were the first two to hear panic-stricken cries in children for help. The couple had to enter the water when they saw the children away from the shore. They swam and grabbed their surfboards.

But when they tried to return to the coast, women could not get away from the current.

They tried to swim straight and tried to swim sideways, Tabatha Monroe told The Washington Post, but nothing worked. After about 10 minutes, a couple of young men with surfboard hung Brittany and towed to the coast, as the number of people needing rescue rose.

Soon Ursrey, who had heard her children screaming at the beach, was also caught in the undertow, followed successively by her 27-year-old nephew, her 67-year-old mother and her 31-year-old husband. Another unidentified couple had trouble running the water nearby.

Why I’m never signing up for Amazon Prime

Why I’m never signing up for Amazon Prime

Why I’m never signing up for Amazon Prime

This is the first day of 2017, which is the Amazonian annual summer bonus designed to attract some first subscription subscription response.

Thousands of prices are reduced, as if they were punished for their insolence and replaced by the more affordable marginal cost. Shipping is free, unrestricted, same day in many places.

This is the open season of buffet in consumer goods, and Amazon Prime this post hung before our greedy faces. I just do not take the bait, not now and probably not always.

This is not to denigrate those who subscribe to Amazon Prime, because I certainly recognize the wide range of benefits offered by convenience, effortlessly replenishing basic needs in a hurry to all the benefits of streaming movies and music That Amazon continues to develop.

This is a valuable service that returns more value than the annual cost of $ 99, I do not disagree at all. But the first one has many side effects as well, and these are the things I’d like to avoid.

This is both a personal and philosophical question, and I will try to separate the different parts of my constant anti-Semitism into the themes:

Transactions must be addressed first. Offers suck. Discount products are bad for me as a consumer as they push me to buy things that do not need to be frugal and charge the reduction of the inherent “backup” mass.

So I ended up with a collection of completely unused white suits that seemed too cheap to pass up. Discounts are also bad for the provider for the obvious reason that they reduce their income.

There is, of course, the ideal scenario where finding a supplier to free space reduces the prices of seasonal products is going to be replaced at the same time that I need something like this and a meter – a win for both parties.

But browsing through Amazon even without hyperactivity Bonus Day and you will see that the deals are the norm and not the exception. We expect discounts on everything.

Whenever possible, I think we should pay the full price for the things we want. If we want to see more of the headphones like BeoPlay H6, more bags like Backpack Design Pico and phones like the Galaxy S8, the strongest signal we can give suppliers is to buy the full price.

If not, maybe we just bought what was for sale, rather than what we expected in terms of product quality.

Regardless of whether the producer is a local craftsman or a global chaebol such as Samsung, the best way to exert some influence in the management and design of consumer goods is with their expenses. (This is an ideal that I admit I’m not always up to).

Always insisting on the subject of Amazon offers, I think they have a devastating effect on the local slots they offer. The locksmith my local main street has no chance to compete with Amazon price, derived from economies of scale, and if it were not for key repair and duplication service, it would probably be out of business.

During the last decade, I witnessed the closure of most of my nearby independent bookstores, either replaced by real estate agents, pizza chains or by retailer Waterstones book that does not have the charm of the old but at least a bit of The scale of the Amazon.

I do not want to be accused simply amazing and I know that Walmart has done more harm than American trade, but at some point, we must consider our own agency in the evolution towards overwhelming and monolithic stores for everything.

Police search large farm for 4 missing Pennsylvania men, suspecting foul play

Police search large farm for 4 missing Pennsylvania men, suspecting foul play

Police search large farm for 4 missing Pennsylvania men, suspecting foul play

The disappearance of four young men approved a thorough criminal investigation into a picturesque rural area outside of Philadelphia in one of Pennsylvania’s richest counties.

Authorities from various law enforcement agencies, both local and state – and the FBI – are focusing research efforts on a large farm in Bucks County, approximately 40 miles north of Philadelphia.

The District Attorney Bucks County, at a press conference on Monday that no one suspects failure in disappearances, and that is incredibly hot.

The first to disappear, Jimi Tara Patrick, 19, was seen last Wednesday. Then on Friday, Mark Sturgis, 22; Tom Meo, 21; Finocchiaro and Dean, 18, have also disappeared. Some or all of the missing men seem to know, officials say. Two of them, Sturgis and Meo, working together commercially Sturgis.

Sturgis was last seen home Friday night to visit Meo, said Sturgis ‘father on NBC 10. When the two men did not show up on Saturday morning, Sturgis’ father Mark Potash is worried, he Told the Philadelphia Inquirer.
“I thought I had maybe a night of drinking and sleeping somewhere,” said the potash researcher. “It was my hope.”

The calls to their mobile phones were both directly to voice mail. On Saturday for potash he called the police.

Finocchiaro, a close friend of Sturgis and Meo, was seen Friday night in a vehicle driven by another individual, who is not lacking, the Philadelphia investigator reported.

On Monday, a large number of law enforcement agencies gathered on a 68-acre farm in Solebury Township, using metal detectors, a backhoe, and “a wealth of research resources” to explore the property, said Matthew Weintraub, Bucks tax Of the county, at the press conference. A Finocchiaro cell phone signal took authorities to the farm, according to the New York Times.

Authorities arrested Monday Cosmo DiNardo, 20, whose parents own the farm, in a pre-loaded arms charge initially rejected. It is unclear whether DiNardo is linked to the disappearance of the four men and why the authorities decided to take him into custody.
Police arrested for the first time in February of DiNardo, having found a 20-caliber rifle, was not allowed to have, because of his history of mental illness, according to a sworn statement from the police. He had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution for treatment in the hospital, the affidavit read.

DiNardo was held at Bucks County Prison, 10 percent of its $ 1 million deposit, local press reported.

Weintraub said “it seems safe” that the silly game was involved in the case of missing men. He said research on farm property was like “trying to find needles in a range of hay colors,” but said “we have a lot of strong evidence to say that this is where we should focus most of our resources “.

“We are very confident that the investigation is carried out in the order that we believe this,” Weintraub said at Monday’s press conference. However, he added that “there is a lot of work to be done” and that the search effort could take days.

Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, 16 dead

Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, 16 dead

Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, 16 dead

(CNN) – A United States Marine Corps transport plane crashed in western rural Mississippi on Monday afternoon, killing 16 service members on board, officials said.

The KC-130, an aircraft the Marines can use to refuel planes in air and cargo transport, crashed in Leflore County at 4 am. CT, said the service.
Federal Aviation Administration officials contacted the Marines when the plane disappeared from the air traffic control radar in the Mississippi, officials said.
The cause of the accident is unknown, said the Marines. The plane fell just off the US 82, about 85 miles north of Jackson, with debris lying on either side of the road, WDBD affiliated with CNN said.
The robbery comes from Marine Corps Air Station’s cherry point in eastern North Carolina, said the Marines. The service did not comment on the mission of the crew, route or destination.

“While we are investigating the details of the incident, our goal is to provide resources and support to the family and friends of these service members as they go through this extremely difficult time” Marines in a press release.

The flames and black smoke were lifted from a part of the wreckage on the road field, showed the video of the WDBD.

Why it is famous: the Hercules can refuel other aircraft in flight. You can fly a small military force and heavy equipment around the world – and land on short and unfinished runways. It is also used for firefighting, search and rescue and fly through dangerous storms to gather scientific data.

How many were made? Lockheed Martin has produced many variations of C-130 since its entry into service in 1956. More than 2500 have been delivered and recorded 1.5 million flight hours.

Often used for refueling aircraft, the KC-130 can also be used to deliver cargo, troops and landing gear or parachutisant and to eliminate combat forces to a combat zone.

The latest version of the KC-130, KC-130J, can weigh up to 164,000 pounds at takeoff, and has a maximum range of 4,200 nautical miles with external tanks, its maker, Lockheed Martin Corp., said.

The first KC-130 appeared in 1962. Its normal range is 1 150 000 as oil and 3,300 miles in cargo missions giving access to the arena of the entire war.
The crash of 2015 was blamed for a case of misplaced glasses.

One of the most recent crash of a C-130 American cargo plane occurred in October 2015, when it dropped to 28 seconds after it took off from Jalalabad airport in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan as it headed to the Bagram airfield . The accident killed 14 people.

Microsoft Is Making Major Moves in the Cloud

Microsoft Is Making Major Moves in the Cloud

Microsoft Is Making Major Moves in the Cloud

Last week, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) announced a major restructuring to put its sales and marketing efforts on an equal footing at a time when sales of software and cloud services are a priority, at least in the Field of the company.

This week, the company unveiled the other half of the shake, reorganizing its business offerings to further stimulate the cloud plus sales and give up its Windows revenue stream to facilitate the effort.

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Monday outside the company’s Inspire Partner conference, CEO Satya Nadella announced that his company was now selling batches that provide access to Windows 10 and Office suite 365, each of which are already sold through Subscriptions.

Packages, 365 Microsoft E3 and E5, guidance companies and offer negotiable prices. A third business pack with 300 employees or less, known as Microsoft Business 365, costs $ 20 per month and a pair of Office 365 with Windows 10 “upgrade rights.”

Business groups differ primarily in the version of Office 365 associated with them. The E5 package comes with spacious office suite of 365 E5 companies, which costs $ 35 per month before the rebates, and the E3 package with Enterprise Suite E3, which lacks some analysis tools and E3 private security and an official price Of $ 20 per month. Microsoft Business 365 comes with Office 365 Premium Business, which typically costs $ 12.50 per month.

In particular, the E3 and E5 packages come with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security suite, which includes this type of mobile device and application management software, run virtual desktops on multiple devices, protect users from malware attacks, and Allowing users to access various applications and services with a common connection (SSO). Different parts of the package are in competition with BlackBerry Ltd. products (BBRY), Citrix Systems Inc.

(CTXS) and Okta Inc. (OKTA,), and gives Microsoft another way to underestimate them. Some, but not all, of the package features are included in the 365 business package.

Although 365 packages receive the most attention, Microsoft has taken some other steps to strengthen its cloud drive. The oldest:

Finally, the launch of the late acquisition of Azure Pila, a powerful server / storage device, offered by OEM partners such as Dell Technologies Inc. (DVMT), Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co.

(HPE) and Lenovo – which enables enterprises to run Azure cloud services in their own data centers and workloads move to and from the Microsoft Azure public cloud as they wish.

In particular, Microsoft will not charge license fees for the integrated Azure Pila software and services even though it will be billed on an allocation basis, such as for public cloud services.

Facial recognition in the new iPhone would make huge waves

Facial recognition in the new iPhone would make huge waves

Facial recognition in the new iPhone would make huge waves

With several sources traditionally reliable for this information, Apple is preparing to abandon the biometric fingerprint authentication used for five years for 3D facial recognition along with iris scans, the mobile industry is preparing for an authentication disorder.

The most likely scenario is that Apple will include this new biometric approach could be a model of the new iPhone, others continue to use Touch ID.

+ Also in Computerworld: dual biometrics may be the authentication response we need +

The driver of this move, the analysts who follow the company, wants to free up space on the phone to allow a larger screen in a similar sized unit. Keeping the size of the phone bag means that the phones may not be much larger than the iPhone 7 Most current.

(Yes, laugh there iPhone Plus 7 – 6.23 inches tall, 3.07 inches wide and 0.29 inches deep – fits in the deepest pockets, but phrase is also suitable for jackets, but just barely.

This would have meant simply relocating the fingerprint sensor from the start button, but this should result in less authentication accuracy, especially since the fingerprint edges could not be easily scanned.

From the point of view of marketing, Apple will argue that this move will provide more accurate authentication – and ideally it will do a little faster and easier.

Fingerprint authentication is not a perfect authentication option, as there are many people whose fingerprints are compromised in some way. This includes people who mostly work with cleaning products and even those who take medications that weaken the skin.

Facial recognition has its own challenges. Faces were not recognized due to poor lighting, changes in the cosmetic application of beard growth, haircuts and facial expressions, even extreme.

Usually, these problems have been addressed by fine-tuning the software, allowing you to authenticate someone if the face is close enough. Not surprisingly, but the dureur application is more difficult, less reliable the authenticator.

To combat this, Apple seeks to integrate eye scanning – not the retina, but the iris – leveraging its 3D capabilities, according to a Bloomberg report. If facial scans and the iris are combined correctly, accuracy might be better than fingerprints.

“In the test, the facial unlocking function carries more data points than a fingerprint scan, making it safer than the tactile identification system, the person said,” according to this Bloomberg story.

Whether it is actually more secure depends on Apple’s strict application in the configuration. Faced with the choice of many consumers say they can not access their own phones or tell some thieves that they can, it is likely that Apple first will make the phone more complacent.

Why? Blame the social media. Legitimate iPhone owners who are blocked will complain faster as hard as they can, while thieves have inappropriate access remain silent. (Unless they are stupid thieves, it certainly is a prosperity subset of the community.)

This could be particularly problematic in family situations. Siblings, the identical twins in particular, could probably access the phone and the other with facial and iris authentication in a way that could not with fingerprint authentication.

All about Debian 9 ‘Stretch,’ the Linux distro that just works

All about Debian 9 'Stretch,' the Linux distro that just works

All about Debian 9 ‘Stretch,’ the Linux distro that just works

Debian 9 “Stretch” just released, and given that Linux distributions are Debian stands out as a distribution for stability.

Of course, most desktop users can choose Ubuntu or Fedora for their desktop PCs, while users who are more willing to get their hands dirty can opt for Arco or Gentoo. Hackers could gravitate to Kali, while the paranoia between us could be something like tail.

Debian is a free operating system (like in freedom) GNU / Linux created by volunteers. The operating system uses APT to manage packages and software, not like Ubuntu. In fact, Ubuntu is known as a Debian-based operating system, since most major utilities are located in Ubuntu (as APT) derived from Debian.

Debian is different from Ubuntu in many ways. First, Ubuntu is developed and distributed under the auspices of a for-profit company, Canonical.

Depending on where you are on Linux, proprietary software and other philosophical open source Debian issues may be considered “freer” for Ubuntu.

While Debian and Ubuntu use APT package management and can install .deb files downloaded from the Internet, there is an important distinction to make. While Ubuntu can install .deb files built for Ubuntu or Debian, Debian users should avoid .deb files for Ubuntu as it could break your system.

Because Debian is an operating system that sells stability, it’s like hitting the sharp end of an ax against one of the chair legs on which to sit. The leg can not stop right away, but when it does, everyone will say that you did it.

The last big thing that makes Debian Ubuntu different and other Debian Linux operating systems is that it has a long release cycle. The latest version of Debian 8 (“Jessie”) was released on April 25, 2015, more than two years ago.

Although the release cycles are long enough, Debian supports each version one year after the release of the latest release. This is equivalent to about three years of support for each release, Debian 8 “Jessie” reach the end of life June 25, 2018. Ubuntu, on the other hand, is launching new versions and twice a year, with The larger LTS versions in the even-numbered years of April.

Like other Linux operating systems, Debian 9 has many programs that instantly make it usable.

Two of these programs are Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird, which now carry their official names as opposed to Iceweasel and Icedove brand. This comes after the resolution of a litigation between Debian and Mozilla last year

Like Ubuntu or Fedora, Debian also comes with a lot of productivity software like GIMP and LibreOffice. Some Office Software Update for Debian 9:

How much fancy tech can Audi shove into the 2019 Audi A8?

How much fancy tech can Audi shove into the 2019 Audi A8?

How much fancy tech can Audi shove into the 2019 Audi A8?

As much as Audi does not want to admit perhaps, the great body-A8 times has played a secondary role to the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

These two historic plates have been recently renovated with a lot of new features, but Audi is not content with staying in the background. This time it’s all about jumping.

A big grill and three huge screens

From the outside, it is evident that it is a new beast. The A8 is completely redesigned, with almost 90 percent of the front end covered with a new massive hexagonal grate.

The headlights are still 8 percent. At the rear, the taillights come together with a long strip of chrome and taillight. It’s like a Lincoln Continental, a comparison, I’m sure Audi would love to hear.

Look inside, and it is clear that we look at the future. The dashboard is low and wide, and there is almost no physical change to see – there is not one, not two, but three screens.

There is a screen in which was the caliber group, and a new version of the Audi MMI information and entertainment system lives within the second screen.

Just below the infotainment system is the third screen, which makes the functions of climate control and acts as a writing unit for information and entertainment. Since the two center console screens are compatible, it is not necessary for a physical controller to take up more space in the dashboard.

The second row is equal or more impressive on the A8L long wheelbase. A rear seat system makes a large removable touch screen controller between the seats, and there is not enough space there for an elephant. There is also a massager for the feet. Really.
Audi wanted to make sure that the A8 in 2019 could move from one end to the other with the Germans at the technology front, and got it.

In some models – it is not clear when it will arrive in the United States – the A8 in 2019 will be able to drive a semi-autonomous level 3. The system can take control of the vehicle on the road with a physical barrier separating the Incoming traffic at speeds up to 37 km / h. It supports starting, steering, acceleration and braking. This will give the driver plenty of warning when it is his turn to take the wheel.

You will also be able to park either a parking space or garage. The driver can be out of the car and activate the system from a smart device with lined flow cameras directly on the user’s screen to closely monitor the situation.

As we mentioned above, all Audi A8 will come with a smooth hybrid system of 48 volts, which delivers the extra juice to the electromechanical suspension. It also features an extended start and stop function and regenerative braking. You can also scrub the engine, increasing efficiency.

Its suspension system is coupled with cameras that monitor the road and can control the suspension to soften the bumps. Electric motors power the air suspension to adjust or affirm MS progress.

You can also increase the car in case of a side impact to reduce the risk of injury by diverting the firing of the stronger parts of the chassis.

The car also uses communication-vehicle-x skills, although it seems to be limited to recognizing traffic signals and information about hazards for now.

Microsoft planning to connect 2 million Americans using white spaces: Reports

Microsoft planning to connect 2 million Americans using white spaces: Reports

Microsoft planning to connect 2 million Americans using white spaces: Reports

Microsoft plans to announce that it will use unused channels between television programs or a blank space, to improve regional broadband access to 2 million people in the United States, but it has been reported.

According to a New York Times report, Microsoft will announce Tuesday with 12 states to benefit from the five-year program.

Microsoft president Brad Smith allegedly told the New York Times that white spaces are “the best solution to more than 80% of people living in rural areas in America who do not have broadband.”

The first 12 states are New York, Texas, Washington, Virginia, Michigan, Maine, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, according to Bloomberg.

Microsoft said in a June letter to the Commission at the request of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it would seek to use the white space to allow greater broadband connectivity in the regions.

“Millions of Americans, including millions of students, mostly in rural communities do not have access to broadband Internet, which is an essential element for success in today’s digital society,” said letter from Microsoft [PDF].

“Microsoft Research and Community implementations have demonstrated that white-space technology is a very effective tool for extending existing broadband networks to underserved or marginalized communities.

In fact, blanks technology uses a frequency band that allows network operators to extend wireless broadband signals much further than other bands while requiring less infrastructure and increased affordability.

“As a result, technology blanks, suppliers can expand their networks to serve communities in existing technologies are economically impossible to implement.”

Microsoft added that the FCC could allow the use of white space that guarantee a minimum of three channels of white space for each market, while maintaining a vacant UHF channel in each market.

“This regulatory security is essential to support the investments needed to make an important step in reducing a chip technology,” Microsoft said, adding that it should not interfere with television broadcasts.

“This will reduce prices to levels that can allow availability over the country, but chip makers will take this as if there are three channels available.”

The technology giant has been discussing the use of white space around the world for years with technology using frequencies up to 10-15 kilometers, and can penetrate buildings.

Microsoft has been testing technology in Africa for several years as part of the 4Afrika initiative and also aimed at a pilot in southern India, Andhra Pradesh, and CEO Satya Nadella has taken issue with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi In 2015.

However, the Indian government said it would not provide Microsoft with unused spectra.

“The government does not provide any spectrum without an auction and the only exception will be for defense and security institutions,” said IT Minister of Communications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad last year.

At that time, Microsoft India president Bhaskar Pramanik said the company would not use white space for its own interests but rather to provide global connectivity.

“We never intended to be the service provider, our goal is simple, we want to empower entrepreneurs. [Microsoft] has invented technology … but did not play in this field, I am providing technology based on which partners have Established communication facilities that enable connectivity, “said Pramanik.

The Hottest Amazon Prime Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker Deals

The Hottest Amazon Prime Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker Deals

The Hottest Amazon Prime Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker Deals

Happy Day from Amazon. True, you do not need to wait until Black Friday back to allow you to claim an online shopping market. Day bonus means big discounts on a wide range of products on Amazon.

To participate, you will be a key member, which means paying $ 99 per year or $ 10.99 per month. The good news is that if you do, you are already subscribed, you can get a free trial month to get things started.

Among the deals, there are many excellent Day bonus deals on smartwatches and fitness trackers. Here’s a selection of tempting offers …

Technically an exercise tracker and not a SmartWatch or, like Fitbit called a “smart clock gym”. In essence, the glow is a load of relative humidity with extras – upgrading the database from monochrome display to a more similar touch screen color LCD.

It features the same Pure Pulse heart rate control technology and activity tracking throughout the day, and provides real-time on-screen guidance for a wide range of sports; With the automatic detection of the chosen activity on offer.

A deals duo here, Fossils has jumped to the sand of SmartWatch Android wear with both feet – with a wide range of smartwatches available in various brands. But these are the first two offer today – the Q and Q Wander Founder.

Both have flat dead zone annoying on the screen, but do not stop going too far, the good news is that all models now run Wear the updated Android 2.0.

Its price is 40% of the normal price for both Wander Q of Q founder with several models proposed, with prices starting at $ 153.

Of course, there is a new Phoenix from the city, but the Phoenix 3 is still a heavy battery for athletes looking for advanced sports tracking measures. Designed for people who do not settle for a small weekend to run Fenix ​​3 is able to follow the course, skiing, swimming in open water, cycling and much more.

He usually lands $ 499 for a 3 Phoenix on his wrist, but is now his for a shy $ 320 cent.

Under the banner of the fossil group, Power Fashion has announced a pair of new Michael Kors Android wear devices at Baselworld 2016.

The Michael Kors Smartwatches access talk directly with the male and female audience. There is a sporty version of silicone, with large metal legs and a thick bezel and a gold version inlaid with thinner envelopes.

Lightning describes the steps and the accuracy of sleep can be expected from an unsuitable device, but it is a good appearance – much more attractive and feminine than any other traditional fitness group. You can even go out the elegant tubular crawl and combine it with a series of stylishly shaped accessories.

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